Globalization and Its Enemies

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Oktober 2007



A provocative argument that that the frustrations of globalization stem from the gap between the expectations created by modern media and the lagging economic reality in poor countries.


Daniel Cohen is Professor of Economics at the Ecole Normale Superieure and the Universite de Paris-I. A member of the Council of Economic Analysis of the French Prime Minister, he is the author of The Wealth of the World and the Poverty of Nations, Our Modern Times: The Nature of Capitalism in the Information Age, Globalization and Its Enemies, and Three Lectures on Post-Industrial Society, all published by the MIT Press.


"Globalization and Its Enemies is one of the most original and incisive inquiries into the subject that I have seen. No one who reads and understands it can come away believing that the current phase of this complex and uneven process is leading to the peaceful universal market of business utopians, or accept the simple narrative of anti-capitalist movements in which underdevelopment is a consequence of the wealth of advanced countries. There is more wisdom in Cohen's short book than in dozens of weightier tomes..." -- John Gray, New York Review of Books "Daniel Cohen's breathtaking tour of globalization across the centuries is supremely entertaining and provocative. He punctures cherished myths and offers cool common sense and wisdom in the midst of hysterical debates. A must read!" --William Easterly, Professor of Economics, New York University, and author of The Elusive Quest for Growth and The White Man's Burden
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