Moral Cultivation: Essays on the Development of Character and Virtue

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Given that morality involves being a good person, an important issue for moral thinkers is moral cultivation, or our projects aimed at becoming better people. In explaining this issue, the authors collected in this book bring to bear various traditions of moral thought to address questions about what constitutes moral cultivation and what resources and methods we have at our disposal for engaging in these projects.


Chapter 1 The Ethics of Style and Attitude Chapter 2 Literature and Ethics in the Chinese Confucian Tradition Chapter 3 Moral Philosophy and Moral Cultivation Chapter 4 Moral Self-Improvement Chapter 5 Self-Cultivation and Relations with Others in Classical Rabbinic Thought Chapter 6 Moral Naturalism and the Possibility of Making Ourselves Better Persons Chapter 7 Self-Development as an Imperfect Duty


Brad Wilburn is visiting lecturer at Washington University.


All the essays are clearly written and accessible...The main virtue of the anthology...[is that] it establishes beyond any reasonable doubt that the question of moral cultivation is not the exclusive property of the virtue ethical tradition, but can and should be asked by any reasonably comprehensive ethical theory. -- Carsten Fogh Nielsen, University of Aarhus Metapsychology Online Reviews
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