Becoming and Consumption: The Contemporary Spanish Novel

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September 2007



An exploration of contemporary novels written by female Spanish writers, Becoming and Consumption is structured around feminist philosophy and identity politics. It provides insight into the diverse yet lively subcultures created due to the characters' desires to consume and associate the self with others that share the same commonality


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Critical Framework Chapter 3 Amor, curiosidad, prozac y dudas: the Raver, the Cyborg, and the Housewife Chapter 4 Veo, veo: Consumption and the Dazzling Diva of Image Chapter 5 Alivio rapido: Traversing the Techno Terrain to the Multinational Chapter 6 Los placeres de Anastasia: Sexing it up! Chapter 7 Interconnections


Candice Bosse is visiting assistant professor in the Department of Romance Languages, Bowdoin College.


This is possibly the very first book exploring the connections among contemporary Spanish narratives by women, theories of consumption, and the formation of female subjectivity. Dr. Candice Bosse reads novels by Lucia Etxebarria, Gabriela Bustelo and Silvia Grijalba vis-a-vis Braidotti's feminist theory and contemporary theories of consumption, exhibiting a truly impressive command of theoretical discourses as well as well-argued and convincing readings of the texts under scrutiny. In doing so, she focuses on the ways in which different novels articulate the process(es) through which female identity is constructed, emphasizing in particular the positive aspects of consumption in the development of female subjectivity. -- Francisca Lopez, associate professor of Spanish, Bates College Becoming and Consumption is a hugely innovative study of the current trends in Spanish literature. One of very few scholarly analyses to approach contemporary peninsular culture as a response to theories of consumption, it is the first to analyze women's writing through this particular lens. As such it offers an insightful and refreshing approach to a corpus of important recent novels by female authors, thus making it an indispensable work for scholars and students working with fiction from Spain or women's letters in a wider context. -- Shelley Godsland, senior lecturer, University of Birmingham, England Bosse's monograph provides an insightful analysis of what the socio-cultural transformations Spain has undergone since the birth of democracy have meant in the lives and experiences of Spanish women. Bulletin Of Hispanic Studies Becoming and Consumption: The Contemporary Spanish Novel is a highly innovative study of the process of constructing modern female subjectivity within the patterns of globalization and the youth cultures of consumption, as seen in the novels of contemporary Spanish women writers. It shows a solid theoretical framework as well as an insightful analysis of the works of a new generation of women authors, who until now have not received enough critical attention. This book will be required reading for those interested in the new directions in contemporary Spanish women's writing. -- Jose F. Colmeiro, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Michigan State University
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