The Soils of Israel

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Mai 2007



This book describes the soils of Israel, offering details of their distribution, chemical, physical, and mineralogical characteristics and agricultural attributes. The pathways to the formation of each soil type are discussed against the background of such soil-forming factors as climate, lithology and physiography. The distribution of the different soil types is explained, based on the relationships between soils and soil-forming factors. This the first reference on the topic since 1948.


Factors of Soil Formation.- Soils of the Coastal Plain and the Shefela.- Soils of The Negev.- Soils of the Hills and Mountain Range.- Soils of the Yizreel and Jordan Valleys.- Soils of the Eastern Galilee and the Golan Heights: Basalt and Pyroclastics Derived Soils.- Paleosols in Israel.- Saline and Alkaline Soils in Israel.- Soil Classification in Israel.


From the reviews:
"The Soils of Israel is a most welcome comprehensive addition to our literature. It is profusely illustrated with numerous figures, tables, colour plates and maps which result from more than 40 years of research. I can whole-heartedly recommend it to teachers, research scientists, advanced students and professionals in soil science, and to others in related disciplines such as geography, environmental science, geobotany, geology and civil engineering who have an interest in the soils of countries with a Mediterranean climate." (J. Bech, European Journal of Soil Science, Vol. 59, 2008)
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