Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

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August 2007



Modelling is an activity that is found in every domain of research and science, and takes place even when we are not aware of it. Information Technology Aspects of Product and Process Modelling presents a model-centred approach focusing on distributed development and use of autonomous intelligent software models, particularly the efficiency of the models, and their interaction and integration into distributed autonomous intelligent systems. It considers the viewpoints of many different experts: the modeller, engineer, system architect, software developer, and users of the models and as such will be bought by all these people.


Introduction Modelling Basics Conventioanl Product and Process Modelling Towards Better Product and Process Modelling Conclusion Perspectives Afterword


Dr Avgoustinov is a lecturer at the Institute of Production Engineering/CAM, Saarland University which is where he gained his Ph.D. in 1997. During a professional career of twenty years, he has acquired experience in the areas of undergraduate and graduate teaching, modeling, software development (3D-visualization, information exchange, web-based services, product and process simulation, etc.), software architecture and integration, information exchange, virtual and mixed reality, modeling for medical purposes, information technology consulting in the area of mechanical and production engineering and others.
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