Enlightenment, Reawakening and Revolution 1660-1815

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Explores the impact of the Enlightenment, the religious re-awakenings and revolution on the Christian church.


Introduction Stewart J. Brown and Timothy Tackett; Part I. Church, State and Society in the European World, 1660-1780: 1. Continental Catholic Europe Nigel Aston; 2. Continental Protestant Europe Hartmut Lehmann; 3. Great Britain and Ireland J. C. D. Clark; 4. The Church in economy and society Philip Hoffman; Part II. Christian Life in the European World, 1660-1780: 5. The Catholic clergy in Europe Mario Rosa; 6. The Protestant clergies in the European world Andrew Holmes; 7. Reaching audiences: sermons and oratory in Europe Joris van Eijnatten; 8. Christian education Dominique Julia; 9. Christianity and gender Merry Wiesner-Hanks; 10. Popular religion Willem Frijhoff; 11. Jewish-Christian relations Frances Malino; 12. Architecture and Christianity Jean-Michel Leniaud; Part III. Movements and Challenges: 13. Christianity and the rise of sciences 1660-1815 Louis Chatellier; 14. The Enlightenment critique of Christianity Margaret C. Jacob; 15. The Christian Enlightenment Helena Rosenblatt; 16. Jansenism and the international supression of the Jesuits Dale Van Kley; 17. Evangelical awakenings in the North Atlantic world W. R. Ward; 18. Toleration and movements of Christian reunion: 1660-1789 James E. Bradley; Part IV. Christian Developments in the Non-European World: 19. Christianity in Iberian America James D. Riley; 20. British and French North America through 1765 Mark A. Noll; 21. Christianity in Africa Lamin Sanneh; 22. Christianity in South and Southeast Asia Charles J. Borges; 23. Christianity in East Asia R. G. Tiedemann; 24. Christian encounters with other world religions A. C. Ross; Part V. Revolution and the Christian World: 25. The American Revolution and religion: 1765-1815 Martin Marty; 26. Christianity and the campaign against slavery and the slave trade Christopher Brown; 27. The French Revolution and religion: through 1794 Timothy Tackett; 28. The French Revolution and religion: 1795-1815 Suzanne Desan; 29. Movements of Christian awakenings in revolutionary Europe, 1790-1815 Stewart J. Brown.


Stewart J. Brown is Professor of Ecclesiatical History at the University of Edinburgh. His many publications include The National Churches of England, Ireland and Scotland 1801-1846 (2001). Timothy Tackett is Professor of History at the University of California, Irvine. His many publications include When the King Took Flight (2003).


'This volume is as excellent as others in the series, representing what is best in current scholarship on the histories of Christianity. ... But what marks out his new series most determinedly from the great series of the 20th century ... it its attention to the world beyond Britain, Europe, and North America.' Church Times
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