1st Book of the Seriously Extraordinary Crazy Adventures of Becca and Company

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Becca Pennington couldn't believe what she had gotten herself into! She was just supposed to be applying for a grandma's helper position. But when she meets the grandma, Mrs. KG, Becca soon finds out that both the grandma and her creepy old mansion are anything but ordinary! Not only does the mansion have edible furniture and interactive wallpaper, but it also has very unusual hallways, one through which transports Becca to another dimension. From having a wild and wacky shopping cart chase to learning how to dance herself up into the air, Becca's adventures in other dimensions are definitely beyond what her wildest dreams could have ever imagined! Joining her on this fantastically funny and crazy trip are Mrs. KG's grandchildren and the mischievous, goggle-wearing iguana, Seor Greco.
Warning: Don't read this book unless you are ready to go on a truly exciting journey that is so crammed full of humor and fantasy it won't fit inside even the largest black hole in the whole universe!

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