English Village Architecture

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September 2007



Splendidly illustrated throughout, this survey looks at the social, geological, and architectural history behind the structure of English villages, and examines how industries, urbanization, transport, and changing traditions have influenced how we have been using and designing our buildings over the centuries. England is famous across the world for the beauty and variety of its village architecture, and this overview's commentary covers all manner of buildings--from churches, inns, and ships to maltings, watermills, and lock-ups. Lesser structures are also considered, such as wells, pumps, and stocks--all of which added to the appeal of traditional English villages and now provide valuable information on what life was like in centuries gone by. In our modern age of urban expansion and soulless building design, this reference presents a fascinating insight into these charming and much-loved structures which are still standing and possible to enjoy to this day.


R.J. Brown is an acclaimed writer on English vernacular architecture and a member of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. His books include The English Country Cottage, English Farmhouses, Timber-framed Buildings of England, Old Houses and Cottages of Kent and The English Village Church. He has been an acknowledged graphic artist for some years specializing in fine pen-and-ink drawings of period buildings and has exhibited both in East Anglia and in London. In recent years he has accepted commissions specializing in 'house portraits'.


'This splendid book looks at the very structure of the English village and how changing social trends have impacted on buildings.' Eastern Daily Press 'Brown's book can help us navigate around the real village landscape and so provides a valuable and unusual guide.' Countryside Voice
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