Johann Nikolas Bohl Von Faber (1770-1836): A German Romantic in Spain

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Oktober 2007



Johann Nikolas Bohl von Faber was a Hispanist and Germanist at a time when European cultural ideology was evolving from Enlightenment thought toward the new Romantic aesthetic. This book outlines and evaluates his considerable and crucial contribution to the development of European Romanticism in Spain as well as his role as a pivotal figure in nineteenth-century European letters. The first full-length treatment of von Faber's life and work in its entirety, "A German Romantic in Spain "fills a significant gap in our appreciation and knowledge of Spanish Romantic thought.


Dr. Carol Tully is a Lecturer in the German Department at the University of Wales, Bangor.


'Carol Tully brings a dramatic change of perspective to the study of Bohl by going to the heart of what is most truly extraordinary about him: his activity as a thoroughly transcultural intellectual. Tully's study is a major, subtle reinterpretation of a key cultural mediator of the European Romantic Period. It is accompanied by an equally extensive and rigorous edition of Bohl's German correspondence, with illuminating notes and English-language summary, of similarly major value to scholars.' Andrew Ginger, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 85 (2008)
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