Montauk Babies, or the Many Lives of Al Leedskalnin (Full Color Version)

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FULL COLOR - Montauk Babies (or The Many Lives of Al Leedskalnin) If apple-pie, soda, cigarettes, and the quality of music on your radio are a lie, then time-travel and the 5th dimension are real. If you've ever questioned your government's intentions or what anyone insists "reality" is, prepare yourself for a wild ride that even Alice would not be prepared to survive. In the very near future, the world as we know it is about to end, perhaps, not exactly as expected. It's the year 2011, and the earth is riddled with inter-dimensional holes, UFO's, and more technology and media control than anyone ever predicted. Only one man can stop it...a man by the name of Al Leedskalnin. Al, like the earth itself, is spiritually and physically falling apart. On one hand he is tortured with cut-up memories of his life as a guinea pig for secret government experiments. Experiments that may or may not have happened well over fifty years ago in a secret underground base in Montauk, Long Island, NY. On the other, he remembers times past that don't necessarily connect: World War II...the early days of the American frontier...alien abductions.Like a character from a pulp-fiction crime novel in a suit and fedora, Al faces the imminent destruction all things human head on, while clinging to his re-memories and longing for the simpler days of the '40's and '50's.
But he can't do it alone. Peabody Freeman, a quantum physicist with a penchant for all-nite diners and fast food, is a prisoner on the same journey and is the scientific brains behind the operation. Both an epic commentary on pop-culture and a look to the future with a wink, Montauk Babies delights and enlightens through O.H. Krill's prose and over thirty dazzling illustrations by acclaimed artist and comics creator John Malloy. This is an illustrious full color version of this critically acclaimed graphic novella. "Like Thomas Pynchon, the author of such cult classics as V and Gravity's Rainbow, the reclusive author of whom only as few photographs exist, O.H. Krill, is something of a mystery. Nobody knows for sure who he is. There is an O.H. Krill who is the author of a controversial late 1980's paper on U.F.O.'s, which would seem to be thematically in the same ballpark, and there is also an O.H.Krill who writes song for Euro metal bands and plays congas in an African jazz band, as well as writes fiction. He or she could be either or both. O.H.
Krill has a new book in the offing called The Killers of Eden Valley that's set in 1904 about a family that befriends a pod of killer whales and co-habitates with them. Same person? Montauk Babies could very well be the next cult novella. It has all the makings, from a mysterious author to narrative echoes of Jack Kerouac and Kurt Vonnegut" Variety. This special edition features stunning, full color illustrations.

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