Juvenile Justice: A Collection of True-Crime Cases

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For courses in Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Delinquency.

Juvenile crime is one of the nation's most serious crime problems. As part of Prentice Hall's Reality Reading Series, this case book explores the topic using provocative, high-profile cases. Written in a unique police-style, the casebook examines poignant questions about juveniles and is designed to encourage vibrant discussion about these real situations. Filled with current statistical data, its purpose is to present a realistic look at youth offenders and a better understanding about this disruptive social condition


Chapter 1 Juvenile Justice: A Glimpse of Reality Chapter 2 Columbine Tragedy Chapter 3 Murder or Wrestling? TheLionel Tate Story Chapter 4 Allentown Stalker Chapter 5 Lesbian Killers Chapter 6 The Amy Fisher Story Chapter 7 The James Bulger Abduction


Ron GrimmingRon Grimming has an extensive and impressive 33-year background in law enforcement. His career in law enforcement began in 1970 as a Special Agent with the Illinois State Police. He served in various investigative assignments including: special task forces targeting criminal activities associated with subversive groups, political and police corruption, illegal drugs, and financial crimes. He was promoted numerous times during his career, and attained the rank of Deputy Director of the Illinois State Police, supervising more than 2500 officers assigned to the investigative and patrol divisions of the department. In 1993 Grimming was appointed Director of the Florida Highway Patrol, where he managed the activities of 1740 sworn officers and 528 civilian personnel. Grimming focused the patrolâ s mission on highway safety through traffic enforcement, accident investigation, prevention of highway violence, interdiction of illegal contraband, investigation of auto-theft, and the development of public safety education programs. Through Grimmingâ s leadership, the Florida Highway Patrol received the recognition of being nationally accredited by CALEA, after having its policies and operational procedures scrutinized by a panel of nationally recognized law enforcement experts. Also under Grimmingâ s guidance, the patrol won the prestigious National Chiefâ s Challenge, designating it as having the best traffic safety program in the nation. During his law enforcement career, Grimming has served as General Chairman of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), State and Provincial Police Division, which represents the nationâ s state police and highway patrol organizations on the IACP Board of Directors. Grimming also served as Chairman of the IACP Organized Crime Committee, and President of the State Law Enforcement Chiefâ s Association. Grimming has an extensive law enforcement training background having served on Floridaâ s Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. He recently retired as Director of Miami Dade Collegeâ s School of Justice, which has responsibility for college criminal justice degree programs, as well as law enforcement, corrections, and security officer training for Miami Dade County criminal justice agencies. Debbie J. GoodmanDebbie J. Goodman, M.S., is the Chairperson of the School of Justice at Miami Dade College. She holds a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology from Florida State University. Ms. Goodman specializes in a wide range of Criminal Justice topics, including: report writing, ethics, communications, human behavior, juvenile justice, criminology, criminal justice, and leadership. She is the author of recognized national publications: Report It in Writing, Enforcing Ethics, FloridaCrime and Justice, The Search and Seizure Handbook, Work in Criminal Justice, and Criminal Justice: Reality Reading Series. Debbie J. Goodman is an adjunct faculty member in the College of Public Affairs at Florida International University and was honored in 2002 and 2005 by Whoâ s Who Among Americaâ s Teachers as one of the nationâ s most talented college instructors. She is committed to providing quality education and training to police and corrections officers, as well as criminal justice college students and practitioners. She resides in South Florida with her husband and two sons.
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