The Labyrinth of Time

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Modern physics has revealed the universe as a much stranger place than we could have imagined. The puzzle at the centre of our knowledge of the universe is time. Michael Lockwood takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the nature of things. He investigates philosophical questions about past, present, and future, our experience of time, and the possibility of time travel. And he provides the most careful, lively, and up-to-date introduction to the physics oftime and the structure of the universe. His aim is not just to boggle the mind, but to lead the reader towards an understanding of the science and philosophy. Things will never seem the same again after a voyage through The Labyrinth of Time.'... a model of balance and clarity' (Paul Davies, Times Higher Education Supplement)


1. Two Concepts of Time ;
2. Time and Space: a Marriage is Arranged ;
3. Taking Space-Time Seriously ;
4. From Flat to Curved Space-Time ;
5. Weaving the Cosmic Tapestry ;
6. Closed Timelike Curves: Science Fact or Science Fiction? ;
7. Classical Time Travel: the Toils of Paradox ;
8. Hamilton's Legacy: Physical Systems and their State Spaces ;
9. Time Asymmetry and the Second Law ;
10. Entropy, Electrodynamics and the Role of Gravity ;
11. 'Drawn Through Life Backwards' ;
12. The Unyielding Past ;
13. The Emergence of Order ;
14. From Quantum Leaps to Schrodinger's Cat ;
15. Schrodinger's Time Traveller ;
16. Space, Time, and Quantum Gravity: Physics at the Frontier ;
17. The Time of Our Lives ;
18. Epilogue


Michael Lockwood is a Fellow of Green College, at Oxford University, where he has taught philosophy for many years. His books include the highly acclaimed Mind, Brain, and the Quantum.


"Michael Lockwood's book The Labyrinth of Time: Introducing the Universe has just appeared. I highly recommend it. It's a wonderful overview of the physics and philosophy of time, crafted extremely carefully and engagingly (yet without compromising any content) for the lay reader, superbly produced and illustrated. Oh, and it's true." --Professor David Deutsch, author of The Fabric of Reality
"Lockwood takes the informed general reader through relativity theory and quantum physics on the large scale as well as the very small, reviewing theories of Newton, Boltzmann, Einstein, Penrose, Schrodinger and Hawking and the notions of flat and curved time-space, closed timelike curves, the paradoxes of time travel, time asymmetry and the Second Law, entropy, electrodynamics, the emergence of order, quantum jumps, quantum gravity, and the role of the human observer in all of it. Lockwood's illustrations are particularly clear and helpful and his references could serve as a model for like works."--SciTech Book News
"Lockwood...accomplishes here what may be lacking in other writings about the physics and philosophy of time...Lockwood is a gifted writer; the book is interesting, challenging and fun."--CHOICE
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