Quilty as Charged: Undercover in a Material World

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Oktober 2007



Offers a look at the eccentric personalities drawn into the world of serious quiltmaking. This book presents a collection of many small stories. It states that quilting is a world of traditionalists and visionary artists, collectors and connoisseurs, and it encourages the same intrigue, innovation, and inspiration found in "fine" art.


Acknowledgments; Introduction Part I: The Mysteries of Quilting Revealed One. Quilt Show Virgin; Two. Sew What?!; Three. Seams Challenging Enough; Four. My First Real Quilt (An Attempt) Part II: Meet the Quilters Five. Felonious Punk; Six. Caveman Quilting; Seven. Je Ne Sais Quilt; Eight. Another Kind of Quilting Cotton; Nine. Give Us This Day Our Dailey Thread; Ten. Meet My Famous Mother ... er ... Daughter; Eleven. Reaping What They Sew; Twelve. You Can't Break Rules You Don't Know; Thirteen. Peacing It Together; Fourteen. Those Who Can, Do; Those Who Can, Also Teach; Fifteen. Sewing on the River (and Everywhere Else); Sixteen. Manly Quilt Man; Seventeen. One Quilt, One Love; Eighteen. Bee Queen; Chapter Nineteen. Binding Epilogue
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