Understanding and Assessing Trauma in Children and Adolescents

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November 2007



A guide to the complex process of assessment in youth and child trauma. This book covers various methods and measures for assessing trauma, including case examples to illustrate the integration of these different facets. It is useful for those in the field of trauma assessment.


Preface. Foreword. Part I: Understanding Trauma in Youths and the Issues Related to its Assessment. How Children and Adolescents are Affected by Trauma. How Children and Adolescents' Brains are Affected by Trauma. Are There Different Pathways to a Symptom or Set of Symptoms? The Nature of Assessing Traumatized Children and Adolescents. What Factors Enable a Youth to be Resilient in the Face of Trauma? Part II: Aspects of the Youth and His or Her Environment: Their assessment and/or influence on the assessment of trauma. The Nature of the Child. Culture and Family Background. Attachment. Part III: Methods and Measures for Assessing Trauma in Youths. Interviewing Youths Following Traumatic Events. The Nature of the Event: Assessing Exposure Levels and Complicated. Self-reports of Trauma Symptoms: School Age Children and Adolescents. The Use of Projective Tests in the Evaluation of Childhood Trauma. Adult Reports: Parent, Teacher, and Clinician Reports of Trauma. Part IV: Assessing Additional Trauma Symptoms. The Integration of Information Following Traumas: Understanding and Assessing Information Processing and Dissociation. The Assessment of Posttrauma Comorbidity and Behavioral Symptoms. Part V: Pulling it All Together. Writing Reports Regarding Traumatized Youths. An Afterword: Some Conclusions About Assessing Trauma in Youths. Glossary. Author Index. Subject Index


Kathleen Nader, D.S.W., is Director of the Two Suns Childhood Trauma Program in Ceder Park, Texas, and an internationally recognized expert on child trauma and posttraumatic stress.


"!a valuable resource for any individual working in the field of child trauma. Comprehensive and thorough, it is written to be accessible to both researchers and clinicians!A wide range of topics is covered in a well-organized fashion!Kathleen Nader provides an exceptional overview and integration of child trauma topics. Her treatment of contextual considerations synthesizes valuable clinical expertise and, importantly, a well-grounded empirical basis!recommended as a resource for students new to the field as well as experienced child trauma professionals." -- Annmarie C. Hulette, Journal of Trauma and Dissociation
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