Etiquette: In Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home

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This is it, the classic work of manners, mores, and morals, first published in 1922 and a standard reference for decades. Though some of its advice is a tad outdated for today-questions no longer abound about which maid should be serving the housekeeper, and whether she should be served in the kitchen or in her quarters-much of Emily Post's advice is timeless.

You'll learn.
. how to be an engaging conversationalist
. the proper formats for all manner of invitations
. how to greet family, friends, and new acquaintances
. the most elegant way to host a former dinner, an afternoon tea, and a wedding
. and much more.

American author EMILY POST (1873-1960) contributed fiction and articles about such topics as architecture and interior design to magazines including Harper's and Scribner's; her published novels include Flight of the Moth (1904), Purple and Fine Linen (1906), The Title Market (1909), and others. But she is best remembered as an etiquette maven, founding The Emily Post Institute in 1946 and writing about manners in a l,ong-running syndicated newspaper column.
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