The Rise and Fall of Marks & Spencer

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For decades Marks & Spencer was the most successful retailer in the world. Its clothes were a byword for affordable quality and its food halls pioneered ready-prepared meals. Then suddenly they were dowdy, the staff deserted in droves and the shares plummeted. What went wrong and how have things improved? This book reveals all.


Judi Bevan is a business journalist who has worked extensively on the Sunday Times and Telegraph among many other papers. She is also the author of Trollev Wars and lives in London.


"'An amazing story of rivalry and board bust-ups' Evening Standard 'Fascinating portraits of the individuals involved' Peter Martin, Financial Times 'A case study that every organisation should read - from Coke to the BBC - with a market share so big it can only fall' Richard Northedge, Sunday Business 'Outstanding value' Martin Jacomb, The Spectator"
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