Phoenix and the Birds of Prey: Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism in Vietnam

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Dezember 2007



Drawing on recently declassified documents and interviews with more than 100 U.S., South Vietnamese, and North Vietnamese sources, historian Mark Moyar dissects attempts to eradicate the Viet Cong infrastructure. Filled with new revelations and corrections of existing accounts, Moyar's long overdue history sets the record straight about one of the last remaining secrets of the Vietnam War--and offers poignant lessons for dealing with future Third World insurgencies. 40 photos.


Mark Moyar is an associate professor at the U.S. Marine Corps University in Quantico, Virginia, and the author of "Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965." Harry G. Summers Jr. (1932-99) served in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War and was an instructor and distinguished fellow at the Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College.


"A groundbreaking piece of revisionist history on the war." Senator James Webb, Wall Street Journal "Phoenix and the Birds of Prey is the definitive work on the Phoenix program to date, and will remain so for a long time." Periscope "[Moyar] succeeds admirably. His work could be a textbook for the do's and don'ts of counterinsurgency warfare." William Nester, Asian Thought and Society
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