Marketing Fear in America's Public Schools: The Real War on Literacy

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Dezember 2004



An examination of the real world consequences of the political pressures and influences on teachers today. In particular, it looks at how the political actions of the conservative right disempower and control teachers, school districts, parents, and children.


Contents: Preface. P. Wolfe, L. Poynor, Introduction. C. Edelsky, Relatively Speaking: McCarthyism and Teacher-Resisters. Part I: The Players. B. Altwerger, The Push of the Pendulum. S. Matthews, Who Gets to Play? How and Why Reading Researchers Were Left Out of the No Child Left Behind Act. S. Strauss, Warning: Current Federal Education Policy May Be Hazardous to Your Health. Part II: The Influence of Federal Policy. J. Yatvin, Making Whole Language Disappear: How the National Reading Panel Worked Its Magic. E. Brinkley, C. Weaver, Phonics, Literalism, and Futuristic Fiction: Religious Fundamentalism and Education Policy. K.D. Shanton, T.C. Valenzuela, Not in the Script: The Missing Discourses of Parent Student and Teacher About Success for All. Part III: The Media. E. Haas, Unelected Policymakers: Conservative Think Tanks and Education. C. Faltis, C. Coulter, Bilinguaphobia in the New Millennium. Part IV: Toward Liberatory Education. R.J. Meyer, T. Keyes, P. Pence, S. Celedon-Pattichis, R.T. Galvan, L. Poynor, Cracks in the Wall? Initiating Actions Against Federal Policy. L. Poynor, P. Wolfe, Where Do We Go From Here?
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