Seven Trees Against the Dying Light: A Bilingual Edition

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November 2007



Includes an introduction with an ecocritical focus, as well as complete notes on botanical, historical, mythological, and socio-political references.


Pablo Antonio Cuadra (1912-2002) is Nicaragua's most prominent vanguardista, an author who defined his poetics in the 1920s and 1930s. His work was first translated into English by Thomas Merton. Cuadra was nominated by his country for the Nobel Prize for literature twice and received numerous literary honors, including the prestigious Gabriela Mistral Prize from the Organization of American States. In Nicaragua, he is revered as perhaps his country's greatest poet since Ruben Dario. Steven F. White is a professor of modern languages and literature at St. Lawrence University. Greg Simon is an associate editor with Trask House Books and the Salt River Review. Both White and Simon are poets themselves and have translated several books, including translations of Federico Garcia Lorca and Ruben Dario.
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