The Political Economy of Southeast Europe from 1990 to the Present: Challenges and Opportunities

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April 2008



Examines the politics and economics in Southeast Europe. This book examines the process of European Union enlargement with a focus on the integration of the Balkans. It also looks at economic growth in the region and pursues ideas for more effective policies against corruption and organized crime.


Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgments; Abbreviations and Acronyms; Chapter 1. Back to the Balkans. A Journey throughout History; Chapter 2. The Process of EU Enlargement toward Southeast Europe; An Appraisal of the Past Developments; Chapter 3. Issues and Perspectives of the Balkans Integration Process; Chapter 4. The Political Economy of Development in Southeast Europe; Chapter 5. Taxes, Infrastructures and EU Perspective Enlargement; Chapter 6. Western Balkans and EU Relations; Chapter 7. Anticorruption and Anti-organized Crime Policies; Chapter 8. The Right Way on EU Enlargement toward the Balkans; Chapter 9. Trends in Decision-Making Process. A Social Model for Europe; Chapter 10. Recommendations in the Common Global Interest; Bibliography; Index.


Bruno S. Sergi is currently teaching Political Economy and International Economics at the University of Messina, Italy. His expertise in analyzing economic theory, especially in unstable political contexts, has led him to publish many scholarly articles and books. Qerim Qerimi is currently teaching at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo, and is working in his expert capacity with an EU-funded project in the Office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo. He is also editor-in-chief of Human Rights & Policy Journal and the International Journal of Trade and Global Markets.


."..The book The Political Economy of Southeast Europe from 1990 to the Present: Challenges and Opportunities by Bruno S. Sergi and Qerim R. Qerimi analyses the economic and political transformation of the Balkans and provides an extensive overview of the reasons, conditions and factors concerning the recent instability and the current situation...The book ultimately develops the background for possible answers to these questions. It shows the main challenges for this model in western Europe and illuminates the issue of reforming the welfare state in Eastern Europe. [The book] is addressed to students, professionals and the general public. The publication provides comprehensive descriptions and explanations, including profound data material concerning the economic and political transformation in south-east Europe from which readers will gain a better understanding of the entire region." - Jorg Jurkeit, South-East Europe Review, April 2007--Sanford Lakoff
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