The Rise of the Anti-Corporate Movement: Corporations and the People Who Hate Them

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September 2007



An economist traces the evolution of anti-corporate sentiment and shows why much of the criticism of corporations and business people has been misguided.


Evan Osborne is Professor of Economics at Wright State University. He has written for such publications as Journal of Legal Studies, Public Choice, Cato Journal, Journal of Sports Economics, and Economic Development and Cultural Change.


"The predominant form of business enterprise in developed economies is the corporation, characterized by limited liability (for the shareholders as owners) and unlimited life (personhood for the corporate form). Proponents of the anticorporate movement (ACM) agree that corporations ... have become so powerful that they must be reined in. Osborne marshals the ACM arguments, among them, excessive size and scale; dominance of democracy through political, economic, and social power; monoculture, poor living conditions, and inequality from corporate globalization; and ill effects on human culture. He presents a reasoned, forceful rebuttal to ACM assertions, nevertheless agreeing that corporations are not perfect, nor is government regulation. This work is an antidote to ACM's diverse standpoints and a careful, reasoned rebuttal to its illogic, aversion to data, and intellectual bankruptcy; ACM offers nothing to replace the corporate form of business enterprise. Osborne thus reveals the ACM's misunderstanding or ignorance of economics and political science. Highly recommended. All levels of undergraduate students as well as general readers." - Choice
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