Handbook of Database Security

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November 2007



The Handbook of Database Security: Applications & Trends, an edited volume by renowned researchers within data security, provides an up-to-date overview of data security models, techniques, and architectures in a variety of data management applications and settings. This edited volume represents the most comprehensive work on numerous data security aspects published in the last ten years. The Handbook of Database Security: Applications & Trends places a particular focus on data-centric security aspects that reach beyond traditional and well-studied data security aspects in databases. It also covers security in advanced database systems, data privacy and trust management, and data outsourcing, and outlines directions for future research in these fields. The Handbook of Database Security: Applications & Trends is designed for a professional audience composed of practitioners and researchers in industry and academia as a reference book. This volume is also suitable for advanced-level students in computer science interested in the state-of-the-art in data security.


Recent Advances in Access Control.- Access Control Models for XML.- Access Control Policy Languages in XML.- Database Issues in Trust Management and Trust Negotiation.- Authenticated Index Structures for Outsourced Databases.- Towards Secure Data Outsourcing.- Managing and Querying Encrypted Data.- Security in Data Warehouses and OLAP Systems.- Security for Workflow Systems.- Secure Semantic Web Services.- Geospatial Database Security.- Security Re-engineering for Databases: Concepts and Techniques.- Database Watermarking for Copyright Protection.- Database Watermarking: A Systematic View.- Trustworthy Records Retention.- Damage Quarantine and Recovery in Data Processing Systems.- Hippocratic Databases: Current Capabilities and Future Trends.- Privacy-Preserving Data Mining: A Survey.- Privacy in Database Publishing: A Bayesian Perspective.- Privacy Preserving Publication: Anonymization Frameworks and Principles.- Privacy Protection through Anonymity in Location-based Services.- Privacy-enhanced Location-based Access Control.- Efficiently Enforcing the Security and Privacy Policies in a Mobile Environment.
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