The Complete Book of Woodcarving

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From making the first cut to applying the finish, this comprehensive reference details every aspect of woodcarving. All the essentials are covered for beginning woodworkers, such as how to choose appropriate woods; how to set up a wood shop; how to select, use, and sharpen tools; and how to perform fundamental techniques, such as the push cut, pull cut, stop cut, and slicing cut. General carving styles, from classical to whimsical to rustic, are also covered, as are the basic steps of power carving. Eight projects designed to help newer woodworkers build proficiency and a handy resource section round out this fully illustrated, must-have resource for woodcarvers.


"This book is perfect for any woodworker looking to expand their talents, a seasoned carver refining their skills, or a beginner newly introduced to this fulfilling craft. Brimming with expert instruction and nine attractive projects, the book will teach you a variety of classic carving styles and techniques along with the fundamentals of wood and tool selection, sharpening, creating a workspace, and finishing your completed work." - Woodturning Magazine, United Kingdom "If there is one book that encompasses all a beginner needs to know about woodcarving in a simple and clear way, then it’s this volume from Everett Ellenwood". -Woodworking Plans & Projects "Learning the art of carving is not as daunting a task as it might seem, with the help of a comprehensive new reference from one of America's premier artists and carving instructors, Everett Ellenwood". - Chip Chats
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Untertitel: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Craft. full colour throughout, 20 diagrams, 350 photographs. Sprache: Englisch.
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