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Stressing the urgency and high stakes involved in poetic composition, each poem in this collection is a sharp peak of concentration where intellect and emotion battle for control. Triggered by things such as a love affair or a configuration of light, these short pieces attempt to record the mysterious and rare coincidences between the realm of idea and the world of perception.


Stephen Romer was born in Hertfordshire in 1957 and educated at Cambridge, Harvard and the British Institute in Paris. Since 1981 he has lived in France, where he is Maitre de Conferences in the English department of Tours university. He has been three times Visiting Professor in French at Colgate University, New York. Romer has published three previous collections of poetry with Oxford University Press and is the editor of the Faber anthology Twentieth-Century French Poems. He writes on French literature and modern poetry for the Guardian and the Times Literary Supplement.


'If Tribute is haunted by aphasia, exile and the loss of continuity, those fears are shadows that give body to the essences more insistently dwelt upon, and these are apprehended with a depth of spiritual resource that is almost mystical.' - Clive Wilmer on Tribute, Times Literary Supplement'Stephen Romer has achieved a breakthrough in these new poems. The death of his father has torn away a veil, releasing a fresh energy and vision.' - Hugo Williams
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