The Science of Dune: An Unauthorized Exploration Into the Real Science Behind Frank Herbert's Fictional Universe

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Dezember 2007



With "Sandworms of Dune"--the last title in the bestselling Dune science fiction series--due to be released in August 2007, sci-fi fans wanting to brush up on their Dune trivia and analyze the books from a fresh viewpoint will be able to do so with this definitive reference. Delving into the world of Dune, this guide offers fascinating scientific speculation on topics including physics, chemistry, ecology, evolution, psychology, technology, and genetics. It also scrutinizes Frank Herbert's science fiction world by asking questions such as "Is the ecology of Dune realistic?" "Is it theoretically possible to get information from the future?" "Could humans really evolve as Herbert suggests?" and "Which of Herbert's inventions have already come to life?" This companion to the Dune series is a must-have for any fan who wants to revisit this science fiction world and explore it even further.


"An indispensable volume for Dune fans everywhere, and another validation of Herbert's fictional universe as one of sf's towering achievements" --"Booklist"
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