Safeguarding Children and Young People

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August 2007



"This book should be available in every ward, clinic and department. ... This book is comprehensive and, that rare thing in nursing literature, scholarly and authoritative. ...reading this book should arm nurses with the understanding to effectively do their duty and safeguard children."
Paediatric Nursing"This text will be particularly useful... as a source of reference for all practitioners. It is logical, organised, comprehensive and accessible. If students wish to purchase one book - this would be a sound choice."
Jan Nelmes, University of Brighton, UK "I consider this a valuable book for all practitioners. While the author makes clear her intended audience, I think that a book of this quality would benefit a broader readership.
Community Practitioner Magazine "Safeguarding Children and Young People, a Guide for Nurses and Midwives' is an excellent book which I would have no hesitation in recommending to nursing and midwifery colleagues. It is both thought provoking and informative, providing what I consider to be a useful reference which can be utilised to help staff understand more clearly (and thus respond more confidently to) some of the challenging issues which can arise as a result of safeguarding work.
Johann Knox, IC Electronic Bulletin While many nurses and midwives are in an ideal position to prevent, identify and respond to child maltreatment, they may not currently have a clear understanding of the theory, policy and practice of safeguarding children. This book, which has been written specifically for a nursing and midwifery audience, provides an accessible text that outlines and explores professional roles and responsibilities in the context of inter-agency working. Importantly, it has chapters on:
  • Child neglect
  • Fabricated or induced illness
  • Child death and child maltreatment
  • Safeguarding vulnerable children
This groundbreaking book provides a much needed education, research, practice and evidence-based evaluation. The book also:
  • Includes case examples and points for reflection
  • Provides an analysis of children's rights and child protection
  • Enables readers to understand and apply theory and policy to practice
  • Outlines the roles and responsibilities of other agencies
  • Helps readers develop skills to deal with sensitive and traumatic issues
  • Addresses the importance of confidentiality and information sharing
Safeguarding Children and Young People is core reading for all nursing and midwifery students and practitioners."This book provides a sound foundation, both for novices needing to understand the challenges of working to safeguard children and as a reference book for those with experience of working in this field."Dr Cheryll Adams, Acting Lead Professional Officer, Amicus-CPHVA


Catherine Powell, lecturer in nursing at the University of Southampton, is a qualified general nurse, childrens nurse and health visitor. Her main professional interests lie in the area of social paediatrics, particularly the impact of child maltreatment on child health. She is a supporter of childrens rights and the campaigns to end physical punishment of children. In September 2001, Catherine was awarded a PhD for a multi-professional study into early indicators of child abuse and neglect. The study was partially supported by a Smith and Nephew Nursing Research Fellowship. More recently she has recently completed a review of the identification and management of non-accidental head injuries in young children, sponsored by Hope (Wessex Medical Trust). In addition to her lectureship, Catherine holds an Honorary Contract with Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, where she supports the work of the Named Nurse/Child Protection Nurse Specialist. At a national level, Catherine is a reviewer for the Journal of Advanced Nursing, the British Journal of Nursing and Child Abuse Review. She has held office on the Conference Committee of the British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN) and has been elected to serve on the Royal College of Nursing Child Protection Forum. Internationally, Catherine has links with the Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, Oklahoma, USA. She has published and presented her work to a variety of professional audiences.
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