Understanding Criminology

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"Provides a very clear, easily readable introduction to the wide range of criminological theories."Anne Rees, University of Portsmouth, UK
  • What does contemporary criminological theory look like?
  • What impact, if any, does it have on policy?
The new edition of this bestselling text updates a key title in the Crime and Justice series, whilst maintaining it's trademark theory-intensive approach to Criminology. In this third edition, the author pays particular attention to the development of the policy agenda under New Labour. The book examines the development of criminological theory over the past twenty five years, with detailed analysis of the relationship between criminological theorizing, criminal justice, social justice, and politics. It also provides:
  • A detailed examination of the role of the media in relation to the fear of crime
  • Expanded discussion of classical criminology, adding discussion of cultural criminology
  • Special reference to young people and victims of crime
  • A critical consideration of current policies concerned with rebalancing the criminal justice system
  • Increased emphasis on issues related to risk and terrorism
  • A comprehensive update of policy and research throughout
Understanding Criminology is key reading for students who are new to the discipline, but also contains the rigourous analysis required by all levels of undergraduate student.


Preface and AcknowledgementsIntroduction: Understanding some key features of criminology
Perspectives in criminological theory
Understanding 'right realism'
Understanding 'left realism'
Gendering the criminal
Crime, politics and welfare
Criminal victimization, politics and welfare
Conclusions: New directions for criminology Glossary


Sandra Walklate is currently Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology at the University of Liverpool having held previous posts at Manchester Metropolitan University, Keele, Salford and Liverpool John Moores. Her current publications include Imagining the Victim of Crime (2007) Open University Press/MacGraw-Hill and an edited collection with Gabe Mythen entitled Beyond the Risk Society: Critical Reflections on Risk and Human Security (2006) also with the Open University Press/MacGraw-Hill. She is currently compiling The Handbook of Victims and Victimology for Willan Publishing.
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