The Great Brain Debate: Nature or Nurture?

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August 2007



Eminent professor and famed neuroscience researcher Dowling researches whether the development of the brain, personality, intelligence, and behavior are more likely to be shaped and affected by environment or genetic coding.


Introduction 1 Part I: The Developing Brain Chapter 1: Building a Brain 7 Chapter 2: Maturing a Brain 33 Chapter 3: Developing Behaviors 57 Part II: The Adult Brain Chapter 4: Teaching Older Dogs New Tricks 83 Chapter 5: Controversies: New Neurons and Genes and Behavior 111 Part III: The Aging Brain Chapter 6: Is Aging of the Brain a Disease? 139 Conclusions (and Speculations) 161 Further Reading 175 Figure Credits 177 Index 179


John E. Dowling is the Llura and Gordon Gund Professor of Neurosciences and Harvard College Professor at Harvard University. He has received numerous awards, including the Helen Keller Prize for Vision Research.


[The Great Brain Debate] is an enjoyable primer on some of the most exciting areas of neuroscience research today. -- A. K. Prashanth Times Higher Education Supplement Dowling does a masterful job... His eloquent essay provides solid examples of what elements of brain development and brain function are under genetic control and which are largely guided by experience. -- Charles A. Nelson and Irving I. Gottesman Science [Dowling] writes authoritatively and covers the important stuff. San Diego Union Tribune The Great Brain Debate is a fine introduction to some of the key findings in contemporary neuroscience. In addressing the mechanisms of both nature and nurture, Dowling's book is clear and judicious, well articulating our current knowledge of both. -- Gary Marcus American Journal of Psychology
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