Jesus Was a Feminist: What the Gospels Reveal about His Revolutionary Perspective

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November 2007



The most up-to-date and comprehensive case for the feminist interpretation of Jesus and Christianity ever published. The fruit of decades of research and commitment, Swidler analyzes the role of women in each of the Gospels, asserts that women were involved in the writing of 2 of the gospels, and outlines the ways in which modern Christianity would not exist without strong women in the church.


Chapter 1 The Plan Chapter 2 Prologue: Women in the Ancient World Chapter 3 Yeshua, Feminist and Androgynous an Integrated Human Chapter 4 Women in Yeshua's Language Chapter 5 Women in Yeshua's Teaching Chapter 6 Women in the Life of Yeshua Chapter 7 The Attitude toward Women Reflected by the Gospel Writers and Their Sources Chapter 8 Conclusions


Leonard Swidler is professor of Catholic Thought and Interreligious Dialogue at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he is the Founder/Director of the Institute for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue. He is the author of numerous books, including Making the Church Our Own.


Swidler brings together a lifetime of academic research and personal involvement with one of the most pressing concerns for the Church: the rightful place of women. He convincingly shows that Jesus promoted the equality of women with men, looked on them as fully human persons, and expected them to be treated as such. The prejudice against women manifest in later Christian thought and practice cannot legitimately be attributed to anything Jesus said or did. This readable, compelling, passionate, and yet scholarly book is set to become another Swidler classic that Church authorities cannot afford to ignore.--John Wijngaards, author of "Women Deacons in the Early Church"
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