King Kong: We Didn't Invent Anything

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Mai 2007



King Kong is name for a creative collective formed by a group of people who were drawn to the homonym shop in Milan at the beginning of the new millennium. The King Kong philosophy is Do It Yourself: fanzines, clothes, publications, photography, art shows, events and music. King Kong decided to curate and coordinate work by the best brains that have been hanging out with them over the years. We Didnt Invent Anything is the whimsical result. A book which is a collection of illustrations, photography and thoughts on the Do it yourself philosophy, that is conceiving a project and making it happen. Immediately. The core concept is the work in progress itself, and the philosophy is: "When there is a picture that you like, dont leave it in a drawer. Publish it: if you like it, someone else will too. Dont wait for anybody to discover you. Why wait?

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