Hard-Core Hockey: Essential Skills, Strategies, and Systems from the Sport's Top Coaches

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"Coach Pecknold has created ano-gimmicks system for teachingskills and strategy that gets playersto the next level."--George Gwozdecky, head coach of theUniversity of Denver men's ice hockey team, and2005 National Coach of the Year
"Hard Core Hockey" is an all-in-one guide to playinghigh-caliber hockey from a veritable who's who ofthe world's top coaches. Including advanced skatingand stick-handling techniques, collegiate-level systems, and effective drills, it features contributions from TedDonato, head coach of Harvard University; Frank Serratore, head coach at the United States Air ForceAcademy; and more.


1. What Do College Recruiters Look For? 2. Power Skating 3. Shooting 4. Passing 5. Stick handling 6. Goaltending 7. Systems 8. Off-Ice Training 9. Coaching Youth Hockey 10. What to Expect When You Advance to College Hockey and Beyond


Rand Pecknold is the head coach of Quinnipiac University's men's ice hockey team. Named the 2005 Atlantic Hockey Coach of the Year, he lives in Bedford, New Hampshire. Aaron Foeste is the author of Women's Ice Hockey Basics. A former head coach at Columbia University, he lives in Madison, Wisconsin.
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