Language Works Book 2: Grammar in Context

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November 2007



Language Works: Grammar in Context is a series of workbooks for students from Years 1 to 6.


1. We can rhyme all the time! - rhyming words; 2. What's going on? - action verbs; 3. Whatchumacallit - naming words; 4. Here, there and everywhere - adverbs of place; 5. We are going to a farm! - personal pronouns; 6. Get up and put on your uniform! - verb groups; 7. School is important - relating verbs; 8. The three goats and one bridge - quantity adjectives; 9. Was the fete on Monday or Tuesday? - time adverbs; 10. Let's write - recounts; 11. My tongue is twisted! - word play poets' tools; 12. She is taller than her sister - adjectives that compare; 13. Yelling and screaming - saying or talking verbs; 14. Trains and boats and planes - plurals; 15. Read this carefully! - adverbs of manner; 16. She worked hard and she won the award - combining messages; 17. Slurping and burping - expressive verbs; 18. Punctuation can be perfect - sentence punctuation; 19. Let's write - narratives. 20. Swarms of bees - collective nouns; 21. When, where, how and with whom? - adverbial phrases; 22. The mouse munches - clauses; 23. Getting started - theme; 24. Similes are as easy as pie - poetic devices; 25. Yesterday, today or tomorrow? - using the best verb; 26. The best word for the job! - types of adjectives; 27. The house on the hill is empty - more about adjectives; 28. Let's write - argument; Answers.


Bill Spence has taught across all primary years and has had extensive experience developing state-wide literacy policies and supporting teachers as a consultant. He is a well-published author, providing teachers and parents with books and articles on strategies to support students' literacy achievements. Sue Bremner works in NSW schools, and trained as a primary school teacher. She has worked as a classroom teacher, an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher as well as a consultant, teacher-educator and policy adviser in compulsory education for many years. Sue has produced a number of well-received materials, in paper and electronic form, designed for busy educators. She maintains a passion for the teaching of literacy, and grammar in particular, to younger learners.
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