Secret Fire: The Ardwellian Chronicles

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Mai 2007



"Let me tell you the story as it truly was."
Sheynon Calidriil, elven wanderer and thief. Shipwrecked on an island south of the land of Ardwel, marooned with three strangers and no way home.
Yet legends are born in strange ways, and the saga of Calidriil is about to begin.
How many will suffer the consequences? And the women in his life, what of them, Seferel Eledaur and Culwenril? How will they affect his actions and decisions? In all the land, adventurers seek to carve their names into history. Yet some do so without knowledge of their own destiny, and the greatest fortress ever known is not a castle or city, but a child's toy and unknown to all, save one elf who learns the secret of generations past, and the blood spilled to gain its powers.
Can Sheynon command the awesome might, found by his own hand, and with his questing mind?

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