International Management and Language

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Globalization processes have resulted in the emergence of business and management networks in which the sharing of knowledge is of crucial importance. This book presents ideas, examples and applications taken from international and global contexts, which show that 'language matters' in the pursuit of international business affairs.


1. Setting the Scene Part 1: Introduction 2. Language Matters 3. Management and Language 4. International Management and Language 5. English as the Global Lingua Franca 6. Spreading the Managhement Gospel: In English Part 2: Introduction 7. German: A Language of Management Desigened for Klartheit Nigel Holden 8. Russia's Long Struggle with Western Terms of Management and the Concepts Behind Tem Nigel Holden, Olga Kuznetsova and Gerhard Fink 9. Language and Careers in Multinational Corporations Rebecca Piekkari 10. The Business Unit Cpncept at Akzo and the Interpreting Role of the CEO Luchien Karsten and Luc-Jan Wopert 11. Communications Strategies and Cultural Assumptions: An Analysis of French-Japanese Business Meetings Hiromasa Tanaka 12. An Italian Perspective on International Meetings, Management and Language Gina Poncini and Elisa Turra 13. Humour and Management in England Susanne Tietze Part 3: Introduction 14. Management in Other Languages: How a Philological Approach Opens Up New Cross-Cultural Vistas Nigel Holden and Carole Tansley 15. Conclusion: International Management and Translation


Susanne Tietze is Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis at Nottingham Trent University.
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