Leading by Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution

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Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, points out that since 1985, Americas consumption has climbed, fuel efficiency has stagnated, and our crippling dependence on foreign oil is as big as it has ever been. He now issues a call to action, for Congress, the energy industry, and the public, and calls for a new American revolution--an energy and climate revolution.


Introduction. 1. No Challenge Is Greater or More Important. 2. 1997-2007: Then and Now. 3. Oil, Coal, and the Planet's Future. 4. A Confused World, an Opportunity to Lead. 5. Learning from Others. 6. The Costs of Action, the Price of Inaction. 7. Government Must Play a Role. 8. Using the Bully Pulpit: The Power of the Energy President. 9. Facing Reality. 10. 2020 Vision: An Energy Revolution, in Five Simple Steps. Acknowledgments. Further Reading. Index.


Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) has served as Secretary of Energy and Ambassador to the United Nations. Now, as the only candidate with executive and foreign policy experience, he presents an action program to sharply reduce America's oil dependence, build foreign policy on our principles instead of our addictions, and lead the world with energy and climate solutions that might just save millions of American jobs-and the planet.


"In his writing, he clearly demonstrates his knowledge of and familiarity with energy politics." (The Boston Globe, January 6, 2008) "In a book that is easy to read for people not well versed with energy issues, his laid-back yet direct personality shines through the book..." (MSNBC.com, November 16, 2007) "...substantial...useful insights..." (Publishers Weekly, September 3, 2007)
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