Governing European Communications: From Unification to Coordination

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September 2007



Governing European Communications provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the emergence, dynamics, and evolution of European-level communications governance in the post-war era, focusing on telecommunications and television policies and regulation, and their technological convergence. Concentrating on the EU, the book embeds governance within broader economic and political developments in a global context and demonstrates that European governance has been more about the character rather than the level of regulation.


Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Origins of European Governance in Communications: The formative years (late 1940s - late 1960s) Chapter 3. The Crisis Years: National capital and the search for European solutions and identity (late 1960s - late 1970s) Chapter 4. Defensive Europeanization: Industrial policy moves to Europe (late 1970s - mid-1980s) Chapter 5. Liberalization and Re-regulation: The high peak of European governance? (mid-1980s - late 1990s) Chapter 6. Competitiveness, Knowledge Economy and Technological Convergence: Toward policy coordination (late 1990s - early 2007) Chapter 7. Conclusions


Maria Michalis is principal lecturer and course leader in the School of Media, Arts & Design at the University of Westminster, London.


Governing European Communications is an important contribution to the field. The author grounds her arguments in a detailed knowledge of the research literature and practical policy. A long historical perspective, the inclusion of both telecommunications and electronic media, and a comprehensive analytical framework are outstanding features that distinguish the book from others on the market. -- Johannes M. Bauer, Michigan State University The communications sector in Europe, alongside related policy and regulatory frameworks, have all been subject to multiple changes in recent decades. Indeed, the complexity of these changes has often proved challenging even for specialists. In this light,Governing European Communications by Maria Michalis is a very timely and welcome text. It provides a succinct, cogent and welcome overview of key changes in the European communication services scene over recent decades. This text will be of great interest to researchers, teachers, and students in the field. -- Paschal Preston, Dublin City University Recommendeddddd -- May 2008 CHOICE This is an exceptional, thought-provoking book, indispensable for anyone interested in EU governance in the communications arena. -- Helena Sousa, Universidade do Minho Recommended -- May 2008 CHOICE
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