Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development

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September 2007



Examining the challenges of Chinese political development from a holistic perspective, each of the authors emphasizes a particular dimension of political culture, political economy, foreign policy, and environmental and social challenges.


Part 1 Introduction: Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development Part 2 Political Legitimacy Chapter 3 Nationalism, Market Reforms, and Political Support in Contemporary China Chapter 4 The Study of Chinese Political Culture from the Perspective of Communication as Social Construction Part 5 Political Economy Chapter 6 Explaining the Reform of China's Exchange Rate Regime: The Utility of Economic Interest Approaches Chapter 7 Information Technology for Ecological Analysis and the Future of Public Administration in China Part 8 External Challenges Chapter 9 China: U.S. Partner, Competitor, or Threat-What Do the Americans Think? Chapter 10 Barking Up the Wrong Tree? The Master Narrative of "China Threat Theory" Examined Part 11 Environmental Challenges Chapter 12 The Dilemma of Western Industrial Civilization and China's Path in the 21st Century Chapter 15 China's Polution Challenge: the Impact of Economic Growth and Environmental Complaints on Environmental and Social Outcomes Part 16 Social Challenges Chapter 17 Engaging the Law: Migrant Workers, Social Networks, and the Chinese Labor Law Chapter 18 Modernization, Economic Development and Inter-Ethnic Relations in China


Sujian Guo is professor in the Department of Political Science and director of the Center for U.S.-China Policy Studies at San Francisco State University, editor of the Journal of Chinese Political Science, and president of the Association of Chinese Political Studies. Baogang Guo is associate professor of political science at Dalton State College and president-elect of the Association of Chinese Political Studies.


This book stands out as an excellent collection on the subject of contemporary Chinese politics. A wide range of research methodologies are employed in the book's chapters. The research presented in this book suggests appropriate paths for future academic research on Chinese political development and thus serves a wide international audience. This collection represents an important contribution to the literature on recent Chinese political development. -- Lin Ye, Roosevelt University Journal of Chinese Political Science China's tumultuous twentieth century has been followed by years of astonishingly rapid growth, but growth itself poses deep challenges for China's economics, politics, and basic value system. The authors of this volume combine disciplinary expertise with direct experience of China's daily reality to present a broad array of studies of the challenges that will shape the future of China and thereby touch the world. -- Brantly Womack, University of Virginia
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