Ralph Ellison and the Politics of the Novel

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In this engaging study, H. William Rice illuminates the mystery that is Ralph Ellison: the author of one complex, important novel who failed to complete his second; a black intellectual who remained notably reticent on political issues during the desegregation of his native South. Rice guides his reader to a greater understanding of Ralph Ellison, his oeuvre, and the American novel.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 The Invisible Man in Invisible Man Chapter 3 The Magic and the Mystery of Words Chapter 4 A Socially Responsible Role for an Invisible Man Chapter 5 Outside History Chapter 6 Juneteenth: The Coon Cage Eight and the Jo Cah Chapter 7 Conclusions


H. William Rice is Professor of English and Dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Shorter College. He is the author of Toni Morrison and the American Tradition: A Rhetorical Reading (1996).


Those versed in Ellison, African-American literature, and the art of the novel per se will find this a useful contribution to the literature. Recommended, upper-division undergraduates through faculty. CHOICE
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