Long Overdue: The Politics of Racial Reparations

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November 2007



Exploring why America has failed to compensate Black Americans for the wrongs of slavery, this book provides a history of racial reparations movement. It examines Americans' unwillingness to confront this economic injustice, and crafts a moral, political, economic, and historical argument for African American reparations.


CHARLES P. HENRY is Professor of African American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of many books, including Ralph Bunche: Model Negro or American Other? (NYU Press) and Culture and American Politics, winner of the Book of the Year award from the National Conference of Black Political Scientists.


"Henry offers a simply superb interrogation of the Black reparations movement that is distinguished by its attention to history, social movements theory, and global context. The case studies presented here provide contrasting examples of reparations in distinct time periods and highlight political mobilization on local, national, and international scales. Long Overdue compellingly illustrates how distinct demands for reparations have been historically articulated, how they have converged with Black nationalist thought, and how they have influenced the broader public discourse on race and racism. An essential read for a contentious debate."
-Michael Omi, co-author of "Racial Formation in the United States: From the 1960s to the 1990s"
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