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Demystifies TRIZ and demonstrates how it can be used in various ways to enhance Six Sigma, CM, SCM, QFD, and Taguchi methods. This guide demonstrates how to solve problems creatively and foresee the evolution of problems in the future. It includes evidence on the validity of patterns as statistical but nevertheless true scientific laws.


Why Do People Seek New Ways to Solve Problems? Constructing the New Model for Problem Solving: Moving from the Problem to the Ideal Final Result. Clarifying the Tradeoff Behind a Problem. Moving from Trade Off to Inherent Contradiction. Mapping of Invisible Reserves. The Impossible Often is Possible: How to Increase the Ideality of the System. How to Separate the Best From the Rest: A Simple and Effective Tool for Evaluation of Solutions. Enriching the Model for Problem Solving. Patterns Are Powerful Tools for System Development. Principles for Innovation: 40 Ways to Create Good Solutions. Evaluation for the Model for Problems Solving. How to Improve Business with TRIZ. Using TRIZ with the Theory of Constraints. Using TRIZ with Six Sigma and Other Quality Improvement Systems. Book Summary: Creative Problem Solving in a Nutshell.
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Untertitel: New Problem Solving Applications for Engineers and Manufacturing Professionals. 2 Rev ed. 102 black & white illustrations, 43 black & white tables. Sprache: Englisch.
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