Incomplete Thoughts of an Adolescent Mind

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Mai 2007



This is a poetic journey through the darker side of the life and times of an adolescent growing up in the high desert area of California. Since the idea of actually dating each poem didn't come to me until later in the journey, the poems are arranged in a rough chronological order, as my memory serves. Some stand out because of a simultaneous event, and are dated precisely, others only by month or even year. Never the less, this book is meant to be read as a journal. I started writing when I was thirteen, but didn't start making a real collection until I was around fifteen years old. I have had no real training as a writer, and you may find most of the earlier writing to be poor and immature. As time goes on, I feel that the writing becomes deeper and more abstract, and hopefully more interesting to the reader. So, here it is: my lyrical journey from home to home; from friends to enemies; from lovers to love; from addiction to sobriety; from boy to man: The incomplete thoughts of and adolescent mind.

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