The Art of War for Women: Sun Tzu's Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work

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November 2007



The ART OF WAR FOR WOMEN brings the eternal wisdom of Taoist philosopher-general Sun Tzu to an underserved audience looking for strategies that will help them thrive in their careers. While more women are succeeding in business than ever before, corporate America is still very much a boys' club. This audiobook offers listeners specific strategies on how to win in the corporate world by "kicking some butt with those stilettos." Following the format of Sun Tzu's thirteen-chapter masterpiece, and focusing on the prime concerns of working women, from office politics to the work/family balance, renowned speaker and bestselling author Chin-Ning Chu reveals how the fundamental elements of warfare can help women determined to get ahead in their careers. Filled with short, to-the-point chapters, including "Win First, Then Fight" and "Turn Your Liabilities into Assets," THE ART OF WAR FOR WOMEN contains a wealth of real-life stories of women who have utilized Sun Tzu's advice.


CHIN-NING CHU is an internationally renowned speaker and the bestselling author of Thick Face, Black Heart. The president of Asian Marketing Consultants, Inc., chairperson of the Strategic Learning Institute, and president of Neuroscience Industries, Inc., she was the major contributor to the Discovery Television Great Book series on The Art of War.
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