Beyond the Art of Finger Dexterity: Reassessing Carl Czerny

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April 2008



The first English-language book on Czerny, and the broadest survey of his activity in any language.


David Gramit teaches musicology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.


The book is a good read and its subject, as Gramit says, of "genuine interest." ... (In) Ingrid Fuchs's chapter ... we see the significance of the man... James Parakilas's claim of Czerny as "one of the important founders of the historical performance movement" is thought-provoking... (Also notable is) Marie Lott's interesting look at two (unpublished Czerny) string quartets... (The book is marked throughout by) usefulness, originality, interest and professionalism.-- Peter Williams, MUSICAL TIMES A glittering array of scholars with David Gramit at the helm have much to tell us about a wide range of subjects autour de Czerny: his views on virtuosity vis-a-vis his student Liszt, the Vienna of Czerny's day, his role as a Beethovenian ambassador after the great composer's death, his ecumenical teaching of both men and women, the unfairly neglected corpus of serious, often large and ambitious works, and much more. This is an essential -- and fascinating -- scholarly work of restoration and reassessment. -- Susan Youens, University of Notre Dame There are few figures who have exerted a comparable influence on the great classical tradition who have suffered such neglect. This is not only the first book to consider Czerny's various contributions to music -- as gifted performer, prolific composer of orchestral works, renowned teacher, and inventor of pianistic exercises worthy of recital performance -- it is likely to be the best book on Czerny for a very, very long time. The cast of scholars assembled here is stellar, and their contributions illuminate our understanding of the man, his world, and the fascinating matter of musical reputations. -- Leon Botstein, President of Bard College
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