Biofunctional Membranes

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''Interesting with many useful ideas and references. It covers a broad range and it is a good introduction to this field.'' ---Analyst


Biomaterials: Biomembranes, Ion Channels and New Biomaterials (P.I. Harris et al.). Biofunctional Membrane Substrates Based on Blends of Polyetherimide with Poly (Vinyl Pyrrolidonecovinyl Acetate) (R.R. Shinde, D.S. Kalika). Biosensors: Biomimetic Approach to the Design of Selective Oxoanion Receptors for Use in Membranebased Potentiometric Sensors (R.S. Hutchins, L.G. Bachas). Clinically Useful Biosensor Membrane Development (R.R. McCaffrey et al.). Separations and Recovery: Affinity Chromatography for Recombinant Proteins (N.G. Hentz et al.). Protein Recovery Using Fibrous Materials (L.A. Chen et al.). Biomimetics and Enzyme Bioreactors: Preparation, Characterization, and Utilization of Biomimetic Membranes (J.H. Fendler). Immobilized Enzyme Reactions on Beads and Membranes (D. Bhattacharyya et al.). A Comparative Study of the Structural and Kinetic Properties of Papain Immobilized on Modified Polysulfone and Modified Cellulose Acetate Membranes (J. Lee et al.). Pharmaceutical Applications: Molecular Recognition of Photoimprinted Surfaces (M. Jay, C.D. Mattingly). Design of Membranebased Bioartificial Organs (F.T. Gentile et al.). Membrane Fouling: Nonspecific Proteinmembrane Interactions: Adsorption and Fouling (A. Zydney). 7 additional articles. Index.


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