The Aerodrome

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Roy, coming of age in the messy, violent and adulterous world of the villagers, is simultaneously attracted and repelled by the aerodrome standing on a hill and by the powerful figure of the Air Vice-Marshal. Soon he has to leave his family, his friends and his love in order to join the aerodrome and confront the secrets of this mysterious place.


Rex Warner was born on 9 March 1905. He was educated in Harpenden and at Wadham College, Oxford where he studied Classics and English and wrote poetry.His first collection was published in 1937. He went on to write several novels including The Aerodrome (1941), The Wild Goose Chase (1936) and The Professor (1938). After the war we went to Athens as Director of the British Institute. He later became a Classics professor and was also a celebrated translator of Greek classic writers including Xeonophon, Thucydides, Aeschylus and Euripides. He died on 24 June 1986.


"A powerful and mysterious novel - totally gripping" -- J.G. Ballard "A horrified and darkly comic response to the appeal of totalitarianism, a mixture of Orwellian satire, rural sentimentality and Kafkaesque nightmare..." Guardian "Intensely original...humour and irony, and the smell of the English earth...Its value as literature becomes increasingly apparent at each re-reading" -- Anthony Burgess "The Aerodrome has been called the best novel ever written about fascism...captures so well the sinister glamour...as unsettling today as when it appeared more than sixty years ago" New Statesman "The only outstanding novelist of ideas whom the decade of ideas has produced is Rex Warner" -- V.S. Pritchett
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