Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web

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Februar 2008



Former "New York Times" reporter and critic Boxer travels through the blogosphere and finds some masterpieces along the way. Revealing and deceptive, worldly and parochial, these blogs comprise a snapshot of life on the wild, wild Web.



AngryBlackBitch , Pamela Merritt

Becker-Posner Blog , Gary S. Becker and Richard Posner

Click Opera , Nick Currie

Cosmic Variance , Sean Carroll

El Guapo in DC , author known as El Guapo

Eurotrash , Delly Hayward

Get Your War On , David Rees

Go Fug Yourself , Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks

How to Learn Swedish in 1000 Difficult Lessons , author known as Francis Strand

I Blame The Patriarchy , Jill Posey-Smith

In The Middle , Raed Jarrar

Ironic Sans , David Friedman

Its raining noodles! , Angelique Chan

Johnny i hardly knew you , Jennie Portnof

Julia {Here Be Hippogriffs} , Julia Litton

Language Log , Benjamin Zimmer

Matthew Yglesias , Matthew Yglesias

Micrographica , Renée French

Midnight in Iraq, Jeffrey Barnett

Nina Paley.com, Nina Paley

Old Hag , Lizzie Skurnick

Radio.Uruguay , Dmitri Goutnik

Rootless Cosmopolitan, Tony Karon

The Rest Is Noise, Alex Ross

The Smoking Gun, William Bastone

Under Odysseus, Mark Katakowski



"Winning. . . Bold. . . . Provides a rousing awareness that many people, in many places, are thinking, feeling, and eager to connect."
- The New Republic

"Aptly eclectic. . . . Ultimate Blogs does exactly what it's supposed to do."
- The New York Times Book Review

"Eclectic anthology of superb writing."
- Chicago Tribune

"Turning a book nerd into a blog fiend can prove to be as difficult a transition as turning a blogger into an author. But that doesn't mean it's impossible - quite the opposite, particularly given the overall curatorial tone Boxer displays here. Celebrated on paper and ink, protected from the snark, the fawning, the bitchiness, the link whoring, and the exhausting self-referential attacks, the Internet in Ultimate Blogs is cherished in a wide-eyed, doting manner that even the most popular bloggers don't seem to enjoy very much anymore."
- The Boston Phoenix

"Most of Boxer's selections don't read like a new species of writing, but like very close cousins of once-venerable print genres that have been forced out of public discourse by the shrinkage of major American media: passionate arts criticism, critical theory, colorful polemics, and, above all, the personal essay."
- New York Magazine

"A provocative introduction to the art form."
- Baltimore Sun

"One way to find blogs worth reading . . . . [A] Norton Anthology of Blogging."
- The New York Times

"Here you'll find excerpts from 27 online journals-comprising punditry, poetry, ranting, raving and drawing of both pictures and conclusions. You'll also find some wonderful writing; you'll laugh, cry and scratch your head. . . .Boxer has gone out of her way to seek out content that can make the leap from one medium to another."
- Newsweek

"[ Ultimate Blogs ] serves as a gateway to some true Web gems."
- Rocky Mountain News

". . . the real utility of Ultimate Blogs might be as a relic of an

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