Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning

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November 2007



As a busy marketing professional or student, you'll find that this information-crammed guide to marketing planning is perfect for you. Snappy and succinct, Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning will help you appreciate the benefits of rigorous marketing planning and will guide you through the production of a marketing plan made to work in the real world. With the emphasis on practicality, this book covers the essentials of marketing planning and the strategic marketing process. Key content includes: defining markets and segments, setting marketing objectives and strategies, advertising and sales promotion strategies, and price and sales strategies. With test questions at the end of each chapter to aid understanding, this really is the essential guide to marketing planning. Written by the world-class authority on marketing plans, this book is perfect for any busy marketing professional who needs a short, sharp revision of their planning skills, or a handy guide to put their plans on the right track straight away.


1. Understanding marketing planning;
2. How marketing planning fits with corporate planning;
3. The strategic marketing planning process and the marketing plan;
4. Defining markets and segments prior to planning;
5. Understanding products and services prior to planning.
6. Setting marketing objectives and strategies;
7. Advertising and sales promotion strategies.
8. Sales strategies;
9. Price strategies;
10. Place (distribution and customer service) strategies;
11. Information and organization;
12. Making marketing planning work;
13. Next steps…


Malcolm McDonald


“High on practical information.” Marketing Business “Takes us through the entire process, starting with the fit of marketing planning with corporate planning, marketing audit and formulation of strategy through to development and implementation of the plan.” Professional Marketing “A high-speed, systematic guide to producing effective marketing plans from planning to process to outputs, and it really delivers.” Arts Professional “A useful reminder for us all and includes helpful advice such as identifying the difference between the marketing strategy (long term) and tactics (short term).” Enterprise 4 Enfield "A book for busy managers who want to remind themselves of the shape and character of the marketing plans and who are thinking of taking action." "Approachable, practical, no-nonsense, unpatronising, and interactive." Library Review, 2008 “Covers marketing planning for managers and students, with the basics on each part of the strategic marketing process.” Book News, Library Publication – USA, Spring 2008
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