Managing Risk in Extreme Environments

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November 2007



When it really is a matter of life and death, how do risk management strategies stand up to the pressure?

Do such radical situations have a practical relevance to risk management policies in today's business and financial worlds?

Managing Risk in Extreme Environments looks at real-life examples - from epidemics to earthquakes - to showcase risk management strategies which have been tested in adverse conditions and shown to succeed. The author then demonstrates how the lessons learnt from each can be effectively applied in business.

Including first-hand interviews, and a summary of core risk management concepts, this is a cracking good read for all risk management professionals and business managers.


Chapter - 00: Introduction; Section - ONE: Case Studies; Chapter - 01: Epidemic; Chapter - 02: Wildfire; Chapter - 03: Terrorism; Chapter - 04: Extreme humanitarian aid; Chapter - 05: Mountain; Chapter - 06: Meltdown; Chapter - 07: Extraction; Chapter - 08: Flood; Chapter - 09: Earthquake; Section - TWO: Themes; Chapter - 10: Managing risk in extreme environments; Chapter - 11: So what?; Chapter - 12: The seven laws of extreme risk management


"the core concepts of risk are invariable: frequency, severity, correlation and uncertainty, to counter which a responsible risk-management regime employs a three-step process: think, plan, do." engineering management, dec-jan ’07 - ’08 ‘this book should be a must for operational risk professionals’ securities & investment review, jan 2008 “the author has interviewed specialists in all the fields covered who talk about their risk management plan practices – and their experiences in extreme circumstances, when the bets are off.” e.manager, june 2008 “martin outlines risk management strategies for extreme environments […] to explain how it works and how the lessons can be applied in corporate organizations and financial institutions.” book news, library publication – usa, spring 2008
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