Walkoffs, Last Licks, and Final Outs: Baseball's Grand (and Not-So-Grand) Finales

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September 2007



Many of baseball's most memorable moments come from endings?Bill Mazeroski's homerun in the 1960 World Series or the 1910 race for the AL batting championship between Ty Cobb and Napoleon Lajoie?otherwise known as ?last licks.? But even the most celebrated last licks have aspects fans are not aware of. For example, Edgar Renter?a is the only major leaguer to win a World Series with a walk-off hit (1997) as well as make the last out in a World Series (2004). Indeed, there is no end to the anecdotes, humor and trivia associated with last licks. Some of the final acts described in this book include: ? Bobby Thompson's 1951 9th-inning homer that won the pennant for the New York Giants ? Bob Feller's 1940 Opening Day no-hitter ? The end of Joe Dimaggio's 56-game hitting streak

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