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August 2007



Paul Valery's most celebrated collection "Charmes" was first published in 1922. It contains several of his most famous poems, including "Aebauche d'un serpent" and "Le cimetiere marin". This title introduces and discusses Paul Valery's work.


Peter Dale is the author of notable translations of Dante's Divine Comedy and selections from the poetry of Tristan Corbiere, Jules Laforgue and Francois Villon. These and his own collections Edge to Edge (1996) and Under the Breath (2002) are published by Anvil.


'Another rhymed and metrical translation... is a resounding success - Peter Dale's "Aebauche d'un Serpent", a monologue by Satan in the garden of Eden. It steers past the pitfalls of rhyme with insolent ease, and when forced to add a word that is not in the original makes you wonder whether it ought not to have been... The poem's glittering intellectual sensuousness... comes through convincingly in this nonchalant, slightly Americanised version, just repellent and brittle enough.'Emma Fisher, The Spectator
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